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4508 Matlock Road
Suite 160
Arlington, Texas 76018

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Monday – Thursday
11am – 9:30pm

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11am – 10:30pm

Sunday - Closed

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Minimum order $10.00
$2.00 Charge for Mansfield Deliveries

Our Clients Testimonials

Great food at a great price,friendly people,and a really clean restaurant.The interior was very nice, their food is delicious and fresh,it is a great place to have dinner at.

– Sarah O

My experience at this restaurant is quite incredible every time I go. The food is excellent and the price is reasonable. They ALWAYS meet my expectations no matter what,and the service they provide you with is extraordinary. They specialize in their friendliness and they’re warm smiles. The people there know everyone’s name and love to get to know there costumers and how they are. They are an amazing deal,with their prices and what they offer you. I highly recommend them to everyone. 🙂

– Tony R.

Amazing food,great service,friendly people,affordable prices,family like atmosphere,nice and clean. Overall;this restaurant is by far the best I’ve ever been to or experienced! I go at least once every week! Hope to see you there(;

– Amy T.

If you’re looking for a great little place to stop and eat, this is the place. Just a 2 minute drive from I-20 on Matlock Rd. I’ve known the owner for several years, and the food is consistently fresh with great service. They cook with no MSG, very tasty, very delicious.

PROS: Delicious Food, Hot and Fresh. New Location, Clean Family Atmosphere!
CONS: Sometimes traffic can be heavy getting to the location

– Mark S.

This small mom and pop business has great food and even greater service. The two lady owners always remember your name, your kids name, what you like to eat. The prices are great. Dinners are enough for two. Lunches are cheap and delicious. the only drawback is no refills on sodas as the drinks come in cans.

PROS: great food
CONS: no soda refills

UPDATE: We now offer refills on soda. We’re no longer serving them in cans.

– Terri M.

I’m new to the area, and ended up looking for a Chinese restaurant via Yahoo. Saw the listing for Panda Delite, decided to give them a try this past Monday, and I’ve been back every day since. The General Tso’s Chicken is wonderful, as is the Beef & Broccoli, and the prices are very reasonable for the large portions. Clean environment, mom & pop establishment, and the counter/wait staff are extremely friendly as soon as you walk in. If you’re in the area, stop in, you definitely won’t regret it….at the same time, they offer free delivery in the general area of the restaurant….sounds like a winner….lol!

– Able

My family and I have been dining at Panda Delite for close to 10 years. We discovered the little Chinese restaurant at their original location on South Matlock in Arlington Texas. We quickly discovered that the food had a superior quality to it compared to other Chinese restaurants in the area. A must have item, and my wife agrees, is the egg drop soup which is the best we’ve ever tasted!

The food is only half of the story though. What really kept us coming back was the personable customer service. They remember who you are when you walk in the door and they know how you like your food prepared. I prefer spicy while my wife and kids are on the milder side. Many times I’ve had dishes prepared for me that aren’t even on the menu, and they are always outstanding. Customer Service is not to be taken lightly in my estimation. It seems that the trend in most restaurants these days is on lack of good customer service. Panda Delite is the only restaurant in the area I am aware of that genuinely shows an interest in their customers, and gets to know them on a personal basis. You feel like family when you walk through the door. It is money well spent when the quality of the food is met or surpassed by the quality of the service.

Since Panda Delite moved to their new location on Matlock in 2008, it has only gotten better. They now have a very pleasant dining area to go along with their amazing food, and legendary customer service. I have and would recommend Panda Delite to any Chinese food lover. I now have several friends that enjoy them as much as I and my family do.

-Toby Hudson
Chinese food connoisseur

For me, eating at Panda Delite is like going to a friend’s house who just happened to win the Iron Chef award, and who just happened to be making dinner at that exact moment. I’ve tried about ten of their meals, most of them several dozen times. I’ve come to count on knowing that when I want a delicious, hot meal and I’m in the mood for Chinese food – I get it here every time.

People can line up and wait an hour in the foyer of the big expensive place but I’ll sit down, get greeted by a bunch of super nice people that greet me by name and are genuinely glad to see me, and my food will be much better, fresh, hot out of the kitchen, and it will cost less than half as much for many of the meals.

My favorites are the teriyaki chicken (hard to find and admittedly not technically considered “chinese” in the U.S.), lemon chicken, the generously large honey garlic chicken wing appetizer, the chicken with hot garlic sauce, and the kung pao chicken – the best I’ve ever had. The ingredients like ginger root, orange peel, meats, scallions, and so on are all very fresh, and the meats are marinated overnight with spices for tenderness and flavor.

I originally tried this place when I was in a hurry and it was handy. I didn’t know what to expect but I was only looking for a fast and adequate meal. Instead, I was blown away and have been going back ever since.

– Kevin D

The food is always fresh. Everybody is very friendly.June has so many repeat customers that she know most of her clients on a first name basis. Never a disappointment, always a great experience.

– Marc S.

I have been a customer of Panda Delite for 5 years. The service and quality of this establishment exceeds any normal expectation. I would recommend Panda Delite to any person that is looking for great service and delightful food.

-Franklin Riordan

A friend told me that if I tried Panda Delite I would never eat at another Chinese restaurant again.  I tried Panda Delite & gee golly he was right. I have not eaten at another establishment since. Thanks friend and thank you Panda Delite.

– David J.

Panda Delite is not just a place to go for a good Chinese meal.  Panda Delite has an atmosphere like Cheers, the former TV show.  No, Panda Delite is not a bar, but it enjoys the regular visits of repeat customers and it is very friendly.  You’ll get to know the owners, Junnie, Ann, Jo, and others as well as other patrons over time.  You are not just a patron at Panda Delite; you feel like you have become an extended family member.  Like Cheers, there are friendly relationships that develop at Panda Delite.

– Steve Sparrow