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Delivery Hours

Monday – Thursday
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Friday – Saturday
11am – 10:30pm

Sunday - Closed

Limited Area
Minimum order $10.00
$2.00 Charge for Mansfield Deliveries

Our Chef’s Special

All entrees served with steamed rice and fortune cookie (fried rice available upon request)

801.10x10_red_starDragon and Phoenix
Two separate dishes characterize this distinctive plate. On one side, giant shrimp and snow peas which never fail in delighting. On the other is General Tso's Chicken - spicy and inviting.
802.Seafood Delight
The best the ocean has to offer! An ambrosia of jumbo shrimp, giant sea scallops and succulent crab meat, with snow peas, fresh mushrooms and red pepper in the Chef's special white sauce.
803.Happy Family
The combination of selected beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and scallops with vegetables in a brown sauce.
804.10x10_red_starGeneral Tso's Chicken
Chunks of chicken prepared with General Tso's recipe, then sauteed in a high temperature wok with strong ginger and garlic flavored soy sauce.
805.10x10_red_starOrange Chicken
Crunchy slices of chicken sauteed in the Chef's spacial sauce with a touch of orange peel flavor and hot peppers.
806.10x10_red_starBeef with Scallops Sauteed
Slices of select beef with fresh scallops, broccoli, bamboo shoots, umbrella mushrooms and snow peas sauteed with a delicious sauce.
807.10x10_red_starOrange Beef
Tender and crispy beef sauteed in the Chef's special sauce with a touch of orange peel flavor and hot peppers.
808.Sweet and Sour combo
Mixed chicken , pork and shrimp in the same plate.
809.10x10_red_starSesame Chicken
Strips of chicken dipped in lotus flour, then deep fried and sprinkled with an exquisite sesame sauce and surrounded with steamed broccoli.
810.10x10_red_starTwin Deluxe
Jumbo shrimp and fresh scallops sauteed in a spicy garlic sauce. A classic Szechuan style dish.
811.Triple Delight
Shrimp, chicken and beef sauteed with Chinese vegetables in our own special sauce.
812.Steak Kew
Large cubes of beef sauteed along with a combination of slices of bamboo shoots, baby corn, snow peas and Chinese vegetables.
813.Royal Shrimp
Giant shrimp sauteed with fresh broccoli, baby corn and umbrella mushrooms in an exquisite white wine sauce.
814.10x10_red_starPrawns and Beef
Slices of beef and jumbo shrimp sauteed with mixed Chinese vegetables, then simmered in a rich broth.
815.10x10_red_starEmpress Chicken
Strips of chicken dipped in lotus flour, then deep fried and stir fried with white onion, carrot and bell pepper in our own special sauce.
816.10x10_red_starSan Sien Fragrance
Shrimp, chicken and beef smothered in a hot garlic sauce.
817.10x10_red_starKung Pao combination
Chicken, shrimp and beef sauteed with Chinese vegetables in a spicy brown sauce with peanuts.
10x10_red_starIndicates Hot and Spicy. We can adjust to your taste.